An unrivalled choice of commercial printing inks and quality manufacturing gives you excellent customer value.

Shackell Edwards® is part of the Druckfarben organisation that is now owned by the Flint Group.

Shackell Edwards manufacture the market leading 'Silkoseal®' Silk Sealer and supply lithographic offset printing inks, varnishes, coatings, blankets and pressroom chemicals to the commercial printing and packaging sectors.

Overprint Varnishes



Silkoseal Hard Dry Sealer

A tough sealer for superior rub resistance and avoidance of marketing during finishing operations.

Silkoseal Quick Set Sealer

A versatile all purpose sealer.

Silkoseal Gloss

Low tack, low odour, quick drying and IR responsive.

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Water Based Coatings


Hydroseal & Acraseal

Hydroseal High Gloss

High solids gloss coating, good slip and rub resistance.

Hydroseal Clarity

Crystal clear gloss and excellent drying speeds.


Fast drying, semi-gloss sealer with good rub resistance.

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Other Products



Shackell Edwards® supply a range of David M and Fujikura blankets. For more information about our range of blankets click here




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